Medical Records

Your medical records are confidential and are only seen by the Primary Health Care Team involved in your care. The Practice complies with Data Protection and Access to Medical Records legislation. 

Since 1st November 2014, all medical records have now been electronically summaraised by GPs.  

Patients can normally see their own computer record in the consulting room as the doctor or nurse uses it. Patients can request access to their own written and computer records if requested, although the records may not be removed from the premises. Assistance is given by the practice staff if access is required to the computer record and in this circumstance a member of staff will stay with you at all times to ensure confidentiality of other patients records. Access to medical records for people outside the health care team (or who are involved in the patients’ clinical care) is only given with the patient’s permission.

No identifiable information will leave the practice premises except during home visits by a GP.